Thursday, 5 May 2016

Behind the scenes for Emily (all shoots)

I decided to put this all in one big post rather than loads of separate ones.

During the past year I became Emily's behind the scenes person. I went to almost all of her dog shoots to take some photos of her shooting.

I do love doing this kind of thing, but usually I do it more for social media so I wasn't really prepared and only had my phone which is something I regret, I wish I had taken my camera and got some more professional behind the scenes shots.

I will learn from my mistakes if I do this in the future. I actually plan on bringing this into my role as Campus Officer, I would like to go and take photos of events happening around the University so I can promote it a bit more and show the community that UCA has as a whole. I don't think its shown enough.

These images are from the first shoot, it was so much fun, the dogs were so cute and its amazing how they say that dogs are like their owners. Each dog suited their owner so much!

The second shoot was my favourite, I literally fell in love with the Chihuahua. I just wanted to take it home with me.

And the last shoot:

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