Monday, 2 May 2016

Behind The Scenes - Madalina's Advertising Group Evaluation

As Madalina's advertising team were away on a trip to Amsterdam during the main shooting day with the other teams, she organised for them to come in on a different day once they returned.

I agreed to go in and take some behind the scenes photos for their shoot too just as I did for the main groups. 

It was really interesting to see another shoot. Every shoot was totally different and the girls on the advertising team were really enthusiastic and also worked well with Madalina and the ideas that she had. The girls were also good when it came to directing their photos too. Something I noticed some of the other teams didn't do was 'collaborate' they kind of just let the photographers do what they wanted and they went along with it, but the girls were good and kept saying what they wanted differently and then if the model wasn't posed how they liked they would change it. They were all so precise with things like where the bowl was going to be and how things were positioned on the table. The best thing was that they were so precise with how the models foot was on the table and how she was holding the laces.


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