Thursday, 5 May 2016

Graduation Speech

As part of my Campus Officer role I was asked to do a speech at our graduation ceremony. This was a huge shock. Something I was so unsure of as I can barely do class presentations (Although I did get an A in one presentation, my first ever A) let alone stand up in front of thousands of graduates and their families. It seemed crazy to think.

I said yes because I just thought to myself that I have come so far already! At school I outright refused to do presentations in front of my class and had to stay behind after lesson to just present to my teacher (this proved more effective, my grades went up when I started doing that!). Then when I came to University I kind of became one of those students that skipped out on the lessons with the big presentations because I was so anxious and could not bring myself to do it. It also didn't help that I really hated University to start with, it was too much of a big leap for me and I wasn't adjusting to this new lifestyle. When I started to get a bit more comfortable at University I started to do the presentations and I was so nervous and sometimes didn't speak much at all, but time went by and my confidence at University grew and presentations became less of an issue. I still got nervous but I just got on with it and I am proud of myself for that. When I got an A in a presentation I was in shock! 
So the fact I have progressed this far, I thought 'Just say Yes'. I am trying to always push myself to do thing out of my comfort zone because I get too comfortable in it and find it difficult to leave it.

I was told that by doing the Graduation Speech I would have my robes paid for (BONUS) and I would have to walk in with the procession. 

I am so so so nervous, everytime I think about it my stomach drops. When I am nervous my legs get really really shaky so I am not sure how that will work when I am trying to walk in with the procession. The fact I am walking at all is a big achievement (it was my goal when I started University, to walk for graduation) so I just need to keep my cool.

I get speech training on the 15th June so I am in the middle of writing my speech. This is where it stands so far (Mainly for the staff members who won't be there to see it):

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