Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Reflecting On Fundraising

In March we had our fundraiser night at the SU. It was a huge success but it was definitely not an easy task and it's something I really want to reflect on.

I found it extremely exhausting, because unfortunately I was working in a team that were just not helping at all. I think some team members took for granted how much I actually did for that night and it is a little upsetting but I guess thats life sometimes.

The fundraising started really early, we met as group to discuss ideas of what we could do, where we could do it and what would bring in money. One of our main fundraising ideas was to do something at the SU because its where the students go and we could make it our own night which would be great.

I work for the SU so I spoke to Emma about the ideas we had with Madalina also and it all seemed great, Emma was up for it as long as we thought of appropriate things that would bring us in money and as long as we were organised and kept her updated. 
Then things started to go downhill. Unfortunately, due to no fault of her own, Madalina got sick and was struggling to leave her house. I didn't think it would be a problem because we had a whole team of people in fundraising but suddenly the event list was uploaded to facebook and it said "Oscars night" but no sign of Photography Fundraiser anywhere. So I spoke to Emma and she had told me that no one had contacted her to update her so she didn't even know if we were doing it anymore.
I spoke to her and said we wanted to do it and then I went back to the team and said we needed to start organising ourselves and thinking of things to do.

We met up and discussed ideas and we came up with some good ideas. I passed on the information to Emma to see how she felt about it.
There were a few issues but Emma agreed to try and convince Kelly to let us sell popcorn. We then decided to do some games and the Oscars and voting station as well as the photobooth. 

In all honesty I'm so proud of the night, but I'm so dissapointed with the lack of help. I have never had so much to do all in one go. I was juggling jobs, council meetings, shooting my project and just life in general and I had a team of people that really didn't help much for the night.
Two members didn't do anything at all, the rest did some things but it was left to me to do the bulk of it which I struggled with. I asked for help with the Photobooth as we had to book out stands for that and collect them from the hire and take it to the SU to leave in the box for the day ready to use in the evening. No one responded to me, no one said they would help. I then had to find someone not even on our team who would help me take the stuff to the box because i couldn't carry it myself.
I also was the one to post constantly on social media with the countdown. I brought the popcorn. I brought the twister and the wii and the wii games and I set that all up. I got the backdrop and cut it to make sure it was the right size. People just stood back and watched me do almost everything and it was the most stressful few weeks I have had in a while. No matter how much I asked for help, people just weren't really helping.

On the night Emma was also very disappointed and annoyed with our team as we agreed this was a night to work, there are SU nights every friday for people to go to and drink, if were going to do an su night its for working not for drinking. Emma even sent this to us all

I spoke to the girls and they all agreed they would work. But everyone got drunk. At one point of the night I left the box office to go see what was happening and I found the money unattended by the photobooth!! Just there for anyone.
Emma let them in for free to work but instead they used it as a night out. It started out well but towards the end of the night everyone just gave up and got drunk.

If it wasn't for Stuart, Madalina, Josie, Emily and Tanya I don't think the stations would be manned and Josie, Emily and Tanya weren't even in the fundraising team so I was SO grateful to them! 

The night was a success and we made a lot but I wonder how it would have gone if I hadn't have done everything basically. I left the fundraising team after this and am now on the Design and Social Media team as this just was too much for me!

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