Thursday, 5 May 2016

Winning the elections

The countdown to the winner was the most nerve wracking thing. In one moment my life could go two ways. I could have a secure job after University and stay in Farnham another year, or I would be at a point where I needed to look for a job and possibly move back home which is something I don't want to do.

When the countdown hit 0 and the winner was announced I actually screamed because I'd convinced myself I had no chance. I was so busy during campaign week that I felt the campaigning I did manage to do wasn't going to work. But I was wrong. 
The way I campaigned probably actually worked better because instead of just sitting in the quad at a table, I went around the library and campus and actually going up to groups of people and explaining what I wanted to do if I won and asking people to vote.

I am beyond happy and cannot wait to start!!
(sorry teachers, you've got me around another year, and I am going to come visit)

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