Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Working with a tv show

I have been asked to not mention this on social media as part of my contract but it is something I'd like to mention in my LO3 as its a big part of my project. But I will change names of people and companies to keep it anonymous.

On Tuesday 3rd May I met with two lovely girls from a very popular TV Channel and a programme that is aired yearly. It was something that happened quite quickly and it was actually something I thought I would NEVER do. But I applied for a TV show and they responded and asked if they could give me a phone call to sort of just discuss the show. So here's the story from day one:

The first thing was a phone call, they asked to speak to me and asked if it was still something I was interested in doing, I agreed and they said that they'd like to speak to me but it's still not guaranteed that they would pick me to be on the show but this was kind of like a preliminary stage. They rang me and asked me some questions about my condition and about dating and things around that subject but mainly my disability and how it effects me. We spoke about my art and the projects I have done around my disability.
They said to me that usually they don't get back to people for a few weeks with the next 'stage' so I just had to sort of wait and see.

The next day I had another phone call and they asked if they could Skype with me and ask me the same questions as before but this time record it, and also be able to speak face to face sort of rather than just a phone call. I was quite shocked because they kind of prepared me for the 'we might not call you for months' so I just kind of assumed that they were intrigued by my case. I agreed and we organised a time via email.
The Skype call was fun because it felt a lot more relaxed and it was nice to actually speak to a person face to face. The women was lovely and easy to chat to. We spoke about the same stuff we did on the phone but in a little bit more detail and it was recorded. Again she said that I might not hear from them for a while and that I still may not be chosen for the show.

A few days later I got another phone call, this time they asked if they could come to Farnham and meet me and do some filming with me. I was in utter shock. Again though this was still a preliminary thing, but it they said that this is their way of basically 'selling me' to the big tv channel. They have to film for a few hours and then it all gets edited down in to about a 3 minute short clip. They wanted to re assure me that this is still a beginning stage, again they might not choose me and I also have a right to say that I don't want to be on the show even after they have filmed me. They film about 20 people and then narrow it down to about 9 people to be on the show. I kind of thought to myself, 'even if I don't agree to be on the show this is a good experience'. So I agreed for them to come and to my surprise they literally wanted to come instantly so I said that I couldn't do the Sunday but I could do Tuesday. They organised it with their company and then it was set 9am Tuesday morning they'd be at my house.

I was so nervous, this was so foreign to me, something I have never done before! Two girls came, one I had been speaking to on the phone and Skype etc and then her assistant for the shoot who funnily enough graduated from UCA Farnham three years ago! Small world. We had a bit of a chat and spoke about what the plan of action was. They wanted to film me at home and then they wanted to film me out with friends so Madalina and Georgie agreed to be part of it and go to the Cobbett with me and play some pool and be sort of interviewed about me.  

It was so much fun and such a great experience. I was first filmed showing my kitchen saying that this was the area where me and my flatmates cooked and hung out because we dont have a living room and then I was asked questions about my life and dating. Then we went into my room and I showed my art work for my I'm Fine projects and spoke about that. 
The thing I found interesting was how they film. They say that they'll ask me questions but when I answer I have to try and put the question into my answer so that when they cut it, they dont have to put their voice in it. For example if she asked "so what did you have for breakfast this morning" if I just replied "an egg" then when they cut it they'd just have a clip of me saying "an egg" so instead I should say "Today for breakfast I had an egg". There were also times when I had to film something and then go back and film it again the same way so they can get a different shot.
For example, they filmed me from inside walking to get my bag and then leaving my house and shutting the door. Then I went back into the house and they went out and filmed me doing it again but from the outside. I had to leave the house and get into my car and drive down the road until a silver car and then I reversed back. It was so funny.

We then went to the pub and met Maddie and Georgie and they got a mic put on them. We played some pool and then they interviewed them.
Filming started at 9am and finished at 4pm so it was a long day but it was honestly so much fun! Again though, I still might not be on the programme but it was a good experience. Who knows where this will lead.

(photo below of my mic pack that I had to have on me all day. Had to cover the name of the company though sorry)

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